About me


When words are underestimated, the results are what matters and make the difference. You’ll  come to a point that you have to decide. 

Whether you do it or you don’t, Now or never!

A combination of differents educations, long experience, understanding of the body’s anatomy and physiology and hard work. 

I have managed to find the perfect balance of how to live longer, find happiness in your in and outside by changing your entire habits. 

Involving exercise and Nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

My dedication in my fitness has changed my live and it will do change yours too.

You Decide!

Sustainable and extraordinary results are created through exploring the possible in systematic way over time. 

Extraordinary results demands that you start doing things in a new way but also let go of the old.

We PT’s are here to show you the way but you have to get through it. 

No one reach their full potential by themselves. There is a reason why all great athletes have coaches and personal trainers.

My motto:

Make your body your Machine!

Några av mina meriter och erfarenheter: 

Har själv tävlat I FITNESS sedan 2005.

2a AF -180cm i Decemberercupen 2005
3a Body Fitness 2005 lucia Pokalen 2005
2a SM i AF 2006 och kvalificerad till Nordiska Mästerskapen
9a Nordiska Mästerskap 2006
2a ”chins&dips” Lucia Pokalen 2007
6a Classic Bodybildning 2009
2a SM Athetic Fitness 2011 i -180cm
1a Elit Chalenge på AA Elit Fitness Gym 2013
6a Loaded Cup (Danmark) 2015
Varit med i TOUGHEST 2015 i Malmö (tid. 1.30 h)
MMA fighter sedan 2010 med Fightlicens i hela EU


Lic. Personlig tränare  ISSA Personal trainer and Nutrition 2005

Dipl. Massageterapeut samt Mobiliserings utbildning KMH skola 2011

Therapeutic applications of the kinesiology taping method 2008

Lic. Level 1 Crossfit instruktör  2014

Lic. Dry Needling / IMS. 2018

Lic. Idrottsmassage KMH 2012
Lic. Crossfit Level 1 trainer

HLR- (Hjärt- och lugnräddningutbildning) – godkänd inom EU


Fitness coach
Kost- och Kosttillskotts rådgivare
SKM (Svensk Klassisk Massage)
Sports therapy

Dry Needling / IMS

Kinesio tejpning
Terapeutisk kroppsstretching

Träning är min passion och jag vill tala om just för dig att reglerna är lika för alla och alla kan nå målet.

Lucio Peláez train and gain
Lucio Peláez train and gain